Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tekari Speaks....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011TEKARI…ONCE UPON A TIME…IN BIHAR…

A comprehensive book on Tekari Raj titled “TEKARI…ONCE UPON A TIME…IN BIHAR…” is ready for our esteemed readers of local history influencing the national scenario of the Mughal period. Right from Mughal emperor Shah Alam to Aliwardy Khan Mahabbat Jung, all paid rich tributes to some of the warrior kings of Tekari Raj in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

The book lucidly deals with the rise and fall of the Tekari Raj encompassing the topics enumerated below:-

Introduction and Background
Bir/Dheer Singh
Founding of Tekari Raj
Tribhuwan Singh
Sunder Singh
Sunder Singh Vs Maharana Pratap and Shiva Ji – a comparison Fateh Singh
Pitambar Singh and Benares Estate
Buniad Singh
Mitrajit Singh
Nine Annas – Hit Narain Singh
Maharani Rajrup Kuer Marriages and Progeny of Gopal Sharan
Rani Bhuwaneshwari Kuer
Maksudpur Estate Raja Ajai Singh Chandreshwar Pd Narain Singh and others
“They Also Serve Who Stand and Wait”
Genealogical Chart/Table of Tekari Raj
Description of Tekari Fort
Administration of Tekari Estate
Anecdotes and Reminiscence

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